Weight Loss Vegetables to Grab at Your Farmer’s Market

By | July 28, 2020

Weight Loss Vegetables from the Farmer's MarketShopping at your local farmer’s market is an easy way to get your hands on some of the freshest produce available. And it can also be a nice way to support local farmers, which is always a plus. But did you know that your visit to the farmer’s market can also be a way to buy weight loss vegetables that are capable of helping you slim down?

What are some of the best weight loss vegetables to add to your shopping list the next time you’re heading to a farmer’s market? Here’s a short list to help you get started.

Weight Loss Vegetables That Are Good for Your Whole Body

1. Sweet potatoes 

Who doesn’t love delicious sweet potatoes? But, when you eat this veggie, you’re getting more than just flavor. According to Food Network, this is a good choice when you are trying to lose weight because sweet potatoes contain more fiber than white potatoes, and you can cook them up in a variety of ways. The sweet flavor will pair wonderfully with other healthy, high-fiber ingredients like beans and greens.

2. Peas 

Another great option when shopping for weight loss vegetables, is peas. They pack nearly 9 grams of fiber in just a cup, which means they can help you feel full more quickly, thereby making it easier to eat less and consume fewer calories at a meal. Plus, you can add peas to a variety of recipes, so they are easy to add to your diet. 

3. Leafy greens 

There are various leafy greens that you can choose from, such as spinach and kale, but what they all have in common is that they are flavorful, low in calories, low in carbohydrates, and high in a range of nutrients. Incorporate them into more of your meals so you can get a nice dose of nutrition and fiber that will help you fill up sooner so you can eat fewer calories overall. 

4. Cauliflower 

Delicious cauliflower is packed with nutrition, but it only has 27 calories per cup. And, because it is a great source of fiber, it can help you feel full sooner, while also helping to slow down your digestion so you can stay full for longer.

The right weight loss veggies can help make your slim-down journey easier, and they can also support your overall health. Packed with nutrition and flavor, you’re sure to love adding these foods to your meal plans through a variety of recipes.

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