5 Ways to Prevent Dementia

By | June 25, 2022

Ways to Prevent Dementia

Dementia is a disease frequently triggered by – but not exclusive to – old age. It is often confused with Alzheimer’s; however, Alzheimer’s is only one form of dementia. Dementia combines memory loss with confused thinking and other cognitive impairments. Unfortunately, not much is known about dementia, which is only identifiable as the symptoms become apparent.

Prevent Dementia Through Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Fortunately, ongoing research has revealed discoveries regarding methods to prevent this condition. In many cases, it is not fully preventable.  There are issues such as heredity and other illnesses that can lead to an increased risk of this cognitive impairment which are simply out of an individual’s hands.

Still, there are quite a few triggers and issues that are within our control.  By working to make healthy changes in our lifestyles, we can do what we can to prevent dementia as much as possible.  This may not entirely eliminate the risk, but we can know that we’ve minimized it to the best of our capabilities when we do what is within our power to stand in the way of its development or progress.

5 Ways to Prevent Dementia

Let’s look at five ways to prevent dementia or slow its progression if it has already started.

Take Care of Your Heart

There are many cases in which dementia patients suffer from heart disease or cholesterol problems. After ample research, scientists came to the conclusion that the heart diseases were linked with dementia. There is research to suggest that if you do not take care of your diabetes, you are at a risk of developing this disease.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

There are many things you can incorporate into your diet to stay healthy. You should consume healthy foods to provide sufficient energy to your brain. If your brain is well-nourished, you are less likely to develop dementia. One of the best ways to prevent dementia is to perform exercises that keep the brain working. There are many online games and courses that will challenge your brain. These exercises help because the brain is also a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

Exercise to Remain Fit

Although studying works out your mind, it can’t pump blood to your brain. The only way to pump sufficient blood to your brain is to exercise. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym and lift heavy weights; you can simply do some cardio workouts or even yoga. The point is that you have to keep your body active so that blood is circulated to your brain.

Stay Happy

Anxiety and stress take a toll on your brain. You may not realize this, but stress depletes your brain. If your brain is weak, there is a greater chance that you will develop dementia. This is why you should relieve stress as best as you can and stay happy.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

There are many people who consume drugs and alcohol, not realizing that this weakens the brain. Almost every other drug is known to have adverse affects on your brain. Memory loss and confused thinking are two of the main effects drugs have on you. This is why avoiding their use is one of the best ways to prevent dementia.

Closing Thoughts About How to Prevent Dementia

If you want to prevent dementia, you should keep these brain-stimulating tips in mind.  Remember that there is no guarantee that it can be stopped or slowed in any individual, as there are many contributing factors both within and outside our control. Still, by managing the triggers within our reach, we can do what we can to ensure our own actions are not increasing our risk.

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