Should You Get a Weight Loss Tattoo To Celebrate Reaching Your Goal?

By | April 9, 2020

Weight Loss Tattoo RewardAfter you have reached your weight loss goal, it is time to celebrate! Different people choose to celebrate their accomplishment in different ways. Some will opt to buy themselves something nice that they have been saving up for, such as designer fashion, while others might opt to spend a weekend at a spa retreat. Others might enjoy an exciting night out with their friends, while others might go out and get a weight loss tattoo. Wait, did we say weight loss tattoo? Yes, we did!

Should you get a weight loss tattoo to celebrate reaching your goal, or is this too extreme? We outline some of the pros and cons below to help you decide what would be right for you.

Getting a Tattoo Is a Great Way to Remember the Accomplishment 

Whether it will be your first tattoo, or just one of many, getting ink when you have accomplished your weight loss goal is a great way to remember what you have been able to do. Every time you look at that tattoo in the future, you will remember how you persevered, overcame challenges, and came out on top in the end. And, that can continue to motivate you to not only keep the weight off, but to always go after what you want.

It is Permanent, Though 

The main thing to consider with any tattoo, even one that is meant to acknowledge an awesome achievement, is that they are permanent. If you don’t like the way it turns out for any reason, or if you end up getting tired of it over time, you might regret getting it. Therefore, really give this decision some thought, and think about whether or not this is the type of reward that you want to give yourself. After all, tattoos can be expensive, too, so you don’t want to make this decision without really thinking about it first.

What Are Some Popular Weight Loss Tattoo Ideas? 

Doing your research into the types of tattoos that other people have gotten after completing their weight loss journey can help you figure out if this is a direction that you should go in, and it might also help you generate ideas if you do decide to get some ink.

According to, here are some of the most popular ideas when it comes to these types of tattoos:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Quotes that symbolize your accomplishment
  • Images that represent your weight loss
  • Symbols that mean something to you, even if they are unclear to others

Overall, getting a tattoo at the end of your weight loss journey might be the best way to celebrate what you have been able to achieve, but it isn’t a decision you should take lightly because it will be permanent.

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