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Peptides May Be Your Skin’s Secret Anti-Aging Weapon

Peptides for anti-aging is among the leading trends in skin care right now. There is nothing that we can do about the fact that, from the time that we are born, we start getting older. Aging isn’t something that we can do anything about. Looking older, on the other hand, is something over which we… Read More »

10 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods

Food has a huge impact on the way that you feel and the way your body functions. But did you know that eating the right anti-aging foods could even help keep your body stronger and more youthful as you get older? Check out the list of 10 powerful anti-aging foods below to start shifting your… Read More »

Watch Out for These 5 Dangerous Chemicals in Makeup

Makeup may help you feel more confident by covering imperfections, but what you are putting on your skin is being absorbed into your bloodstream, so you should be aware of the ingredients in the makeup products that you use before you apply them to your face and lips. Five dangerous chemicals in makeup are listed… Read More »

Is an Anti-Aging Drug Possible?

If we’re really being honest, nobody looks forward to getting older. Though there are many benefits to age such as wisdom and life experiences, there are also a lot of drawbacks that many may experience too. For so many of us there is a natural assumption that as you get older your health naturally declines… Read More »