3 Ways to Start Eating Cleaner without Much Effort

By | November 25, 2016

start eating cleaner nowWhen you decide to start eating cleaner, you’re making an important choice for your health. Fortunately, it’s one that can often be done quite easily. A clean diet may sound like a daunting experience but that’s because you’re thinking of it in its entirety. When you break it down into smaller and far more manageable steps, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s more than achievable.

The key to start eating cleaner in a way that will lead to long term healthy habits is to begin gradually. You can’t overhaul your life and change everything you do in one day. It will never stick and you’ll hate it. However, if you add a few strategic choices here and there and allow yourself to build habits and experience a healthy learning curve, you’ll greatly boost your odds of success.

It’s also important to realize that if you want to start eating cleaner, it doesn’t mean you need to be perfect all the time. You can still enjoy all the foods you love. You’ll just have done it in a way that includes better options, more nutrient dense foods and less junk, preservatives, chemicals and other unwanted ingredients.

Overall, this involves eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods. That said, if you use the following three steps to get yourself going, you’ll give yourself a considerable advantage:

· Know why you’re doing it – this is important because it will be central to your motivation to give things a try and keep at them until they become a habit. You shouldn’t just eat more cleanly because everyone else is doing it or because someone has been putting the pressure on you to try it. Do it for a reason that comes from inside yourself and know what that reason is. Look for positive reasons such as wanting better health, skin and longevity. Avoid negative reasons such as guilt.

· Get to know your current habits – before you know what you should change, it’s important to know how you’re doing. Consider using a food tracker for a couple of weeks and pay attention to how your meals look and what you’re eating for snacks. That will help you to find the areas that need the most help so that you can make little changes there for the greatest impact.

· Give yourself achievable and measurable goals – saying that you want to have a cleaner diet is rather vague. Instead, give yourself a more specific goal which involves measurable components. For instance, you might want to eat more vegetables each day, so give yourself a serving goal and strive to meet it.

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