How to Change Your Attitude Toward Healthy Foods

By | February 9, 2017

Change attitude toward healthy foodsDo you feel that a balanced, nutritious diet is synonymous with being boring and time consuming? Don’t you wish you could feel more enthusiastic about eating properly? Believe it or not, it is actually possible to alter your attitude toward healthy foods so you can gain better benefit from them.

If you change your attitude toward healthy foods from a negative one to a more positive one, you will have a far better opportunity to improve your diet as you won’t be working against yourself the whole time. There are a number of steps that you can take to change the way you think about nutritious foods. They are more simple than you might think and they can allow you to continually improve your relationship with your meals and snacks.

Use the following steps to change your attitude toward healthy foods for the better:

· Try many nutritious foods.

Remember that healthy foods don’t just consist of one or two fad ingredients that you hear about in recipes for green smoothies. There are hundreds, if not thousands of foods that are nutrient dense and great for you and that also taste fantastic. Just because you don’t like one or two of them, it doesn’t rule out the entire category. Try lots of foods. You will find many that you enjoy very much.

· Try new ways of preparing health promoting foods.

Just because you don’t like an ingredient prepared one way, it doesn’t mean you won’t like it in any way at all. The flavor and texture of foods varies widely based on what is done to it. Whether it’s served raw, steamed, baked, boiled, broiled, fried or combined with any number of ingredients will dictate how it tastes when you eat it. Think you hate Brussels sprouts? Try cutting them in half and frying them in a little bit of olive oil with the juice of 1 whole orange. This type of understanding of preparation can make all the difference in your enjoyment of an ingredient.

· Visualize the reason for your attitude change.

Just saying that you want to eat more healthfully may not be enough to motivate you to make considerable changes to the way you eat. Try visualizing your outcome. Picture how it will feel when you look better and are healthier overall. Think about the improved skin complexion, slimmer waist, more youthful overall appearance, softer hair, a healthy blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol level, and so on. Use this image as motivation to keep trying new things and to build a new list of favorite foods that includes those that are good for you.

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