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How to Overcome Post-Holiday Depression

Holidays can leave you feeling blue because you wait for it all year long and they come and go in a jiffy. Once the holidays end, it might get a little depressive when you return to your daily life of school or work. Most people who experience post-holiday depression feel like they don’t want to… Read More »

Are Mental Health Apps Helpful?

There is a sea of apps available for smartphone users. From health and fitness to financial and educational, all kinds of apps are available, and more are being designed right now. It is important to distinguish helpful apps from unhelpful ones, especially when using something that directly affects your health. So, how do we differentiate… Read More »

5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Day

Most people nowadays find themselves or someone close to them stressed out. It’s fairly common because it’s now a part of the modern lifestyle. We have hectic lives, everything is fast-paced, and everyone is busy. People are involved in a million activities, so they don’t even get time to pause and take a breath. The… Read More »