Love Whale Watching Tours? Don’t Miss the Humpbacks in Nayarit, Mexico

By | April 9, 2020

Mexico Humpback Whale Watching ToursLooking for whale watching tours on your next vacation? If you want a rare opportunity to see humpbacks up close, then Nayarit, Mexico should be your next destination.  Every year, these beautiful animals make their way into the regions off the coast on the Pacific side of Mexico.  This allows locals and tourists the chance to be enchanted by these mammals right in front of their eyes.

Why Mexico for Whale Watching Tours?

Mexico is a wonderful place to take whale watching tours to see humpbacks for several reasons.  The first is that humpbacks predictably make their way to the region every year.  They come to these waters for their perfect temperature and plentiful food supply throughout their breeding time.  Starting in mid-December, the whales come just off the coastline of the Riviera Nayarit.

The second reason is that the state of Nayarit in Mexico is known for its eco-tourism.  This lets you know that only specialized whale watching tours are allowed to operate for this purpose.  The only operators legally permitted to offer the tours to see the humpbacks when they are adequately specialized.

What Makes an Eco-Tourism Operator?

Being an eco-tourism operator for whale watching tours means that they need to know the area in a very specialized way. This means that they need to know the waters but also be experienced and knowledgeable regarding the humpbacks that will be watched.  The guides need to know how to find the whales at a given time so that the tourists can see them, while still keeping far enough away that they won’t cause harm to the whales.

After all, humpbacks come to the region to mate and to have their young.  The last thing they need is to feel threatened or crowded by dozens of tour boats invading their space.  Instead, eco-tourism operators provide a gorgeous view of the animals while still respecting the humpbacks enough to stay a safe distance away.

How to Take Part

If you want to be able to head off on whale watching tours in Mexico, the first thing you need to do is have somewhere to stay.  There are lots of beautiful resorts and affordable luxury villa rentals in Nayarit where you and your family or a group can enjoy your time in the country.  Next, make sure you choose a reputable operator to book your tour.  Expect to pay about 800 to 2,000 pesos per person for a tour of about two hours in length.

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