Catch the Vallarta Cup Race Series in January 2019

By | January 3, 2019
Nuevo Vallarta Cup Race Series

The Vallarta Cup Race Series starts this January, so anyone who loves sailing will want to make sure that they make it to Nuevo Vallarta for the start of the 2019 regatta season. This is a huge event in the sailing world and in this part of Mexico. It makes it a wonderful time to head to the area to spend your vacation.

Learn the Vallarta Cup Race Series Basics

The Vallarta Cup Race Series is unlike other regattas you’ve likely experienced in the past. It is a wild and hectic sailing calendar. As much as that might make many people raise an eyebrow, this is one of the components that gives the events such a draw.

The Vallarta Cup Race Series launches the regatta season every January. There is a race every Saturday throughout the month. All are welcome to register from cruisers to performance boats. After the races, racers get together at the yacht club’s clubhouse to have burgers and enjoy the live music. It’s a tradition to spend their time with the other participants to share their stories from the day. They discuss their upcoming strategies and talk about their wins and what they lost or broke.

What Else Should You Know About the Vallarta Cup Race Series?

All boats in the Vallarta Cup Race Series are rated using the VYC Handicapping System. The 2019 races are held on January 5, 12, 19 and 26th. It is a fun and casual event meant to bring everyone together to meet new friends and see old friends from previous years. While racers take things seriously while they’re on the water, it’s still about having fun and enjoying themselves together afterward.

Anyone headed down to the area for a dream vacation in Mexico is welcome to register their boat. The entry fees are 200 pesos per race or 800 pesos to participate in all the races. The fees can be dropped off at the Vallarta Yacht Club along with the entry form. Even if you don’t know if you’ll be racing until the nearly last minute, that still works for the Vallarta Cup Race Series, as you just need to be registered two days ahead of time.

Each class has its own start time to stagger the boats based on their BBR handicap. Boat classes at the Vallarta Cup Race Series include cruising, performance cruising and multi-hull classes.

Watching the Races

Of course, if you won’t have your boat with you on your Mexico beach house vacation or you’re not a sailor, you can join the spectators for lots of fun and excitement, too.

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