Pool Workouts That Don’t Involve Swimming

By | September 6, 2015

Pool Workouts no swimmingWhen you think of working out in the pool, more than likely your mind goes straight to swimming. Though this is of course a great way of working out, the truth is that there are a lot of other ways to get fit without swimming laps at all. You might be happy to learn that you can use just the weight of your own body as the proper resistance for working out and changing your body. If you are a swimmer and you want something a little different, or even if you just happen to be somebody that wants to hit the water with a different twist then these ideas are for you. These are the best pool workouts that will help you to change your body, get fit, and enjoy getting into the water without swimming laps at all.

There are so many positive attributes to getting fit in the water, and yet far too many people forget about them. You will see that you can change your body using just the water as that extra resistance against your body. You will also find that because you are working out in the water, that it’s safe and gentle enough for just about anybody. If you have an injury or limitation of any type then you may find that the water is the perfect place to get fit without risking any further problems. You will come alive in the water and love what this does for you, and the unique twist of these individual workouts will be a great and innovative way of hitting the water.

These pool workouts are easy to do, but you can add extra components to them depending on your abilities. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and they are accessible enough that nearly anybody can do them for a great and fun twist on the standard swimming workout.

Running in the Water: You may not be much of a runner on land, but in the water everything is much different. You can run laps back and forth in the water and with that resistance you are getting in some great cardio, but all without being too hard on the body. It’s a fun way of running and you can do it for quite awhile without tiring as you would on land. Try this for something new and with the unique weightlessness that you feel in the water, you can probably go much further than you could with traditional running which is a huge benefit and attribute to working out in this way.

Carrying Weights and Walking in the Water: A wonderful benefit of pool workouts is that you can get in both cardio and strength training in a unique and wonderful way. Try to pick up some weights fit for the water and walk around the pool with them. Before you know it you’ll be walking for longer periods of time, and then holding onto the weights or lifting them focusing on different body parts adds a whole extra component. You will be fit, you will feel great, and you can go a lot further than if you took this on the traditional way.

Water Aerobics Class: There are so many wonderful water aerobics classes offered and you can learn some great moves. You can get fit in the class and then try out some of the movements on your own to keep the momentum going. You will feel yourself moving through the water and doing things you never thought to be possible, but the water gives you great power here. Try a class and see for yourself how doing aerobics in the water helps to add that component that you have been searching for, and ultimately gives you great results.

Intervals Using the Water as Resistance: You can alternate between some great movements here and then keep adding to your repertoire. Try jumping jacks then move to sprints in the water, and then try a wall sit and leg lift combination. The great thing about pool workouts is that they can help to push you to get results, but all without injury or too much of a challenge than you are ready for. Mix it up and have fun with this but intervals combined into the other activities are the perfect way to get you to where you want to be, all using the pool as your setting of choice.

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