Lower Body Workouts for Strong, Youthful Legs

By | August 26, 2015

Best Lower Body Workouts You’ve probably seen somebody who has the legs that you have always dreamed of. If you weren’t blessed with a nice pair of legs then you probably think that they are totally out of your reach. The reality is that there are some exercises that you can perform which will help your legs to look thinner, stronger, and even younger if you plan it out right. This does take a concerted effort but if you are willing to put in the work you will be amazed at the outcome. There are some great lower body workouts that can help you to get those long, lean, sleek looking legs that you have always dreamed of.

The truth is that you need a good combination of strength and cardio to help you to shape those legs. You also need to be sure that you nourish yourself with the right foods because the nutrition matters too. The legs are a bit harder than other areas of the body because it’s all about toning and shaping them. You may not necessarily think that you can burn fat, but with the right exercises you can. The legs can be a good fat burner in the long run because they are such a large muscle group overall. Try for yourself and see how well these work, and you will be able to tell when you feel that burn after just the first workout.

Though it does take a concentrated effort with the way that you eat, the way that you workout, and also the way that you live you want to make fitness the main component to focus on here. These are the best lower body workouts that will get you results that you can see and that will help to shape your legs in a really amazing new way.

Squats: These are versatile and they are truly effective at burning away fat and adding muscle tone and definition. You will love that you can perform front squats, back squats, side squats, and so many other variations. You will also love that just adding some weights or resistance through a band can kick up the intensity in a really amazing way. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you want to be sure your form is right, and that means sitting back like you’re getting into a chair—once you perfect that then the sky’s the limit with these!

Lunges: This is another really wonderful exercise and is therefore one of the lower body workouts that can get you results quickly. Again, form is everything here so be sure that you are bending at the knee and that your knee doesn’t track over your toes. You can do forward or backward lunges, you can add weights and you can even add movement in the way of a kick too. They will have you burning and that means that they are working to shape those legs once and for all.

Leg Lifts: They may not seem like much at first but they are truly powerful. You can stand and perform calf lifts or you can stand and lift the leg to the side. You can perform a leg lift sitting down on the ground and lifting the leg up and over, or even perform them while lying on your side. Each variation helps to work the leg from a slightly different angle and will ensure that you shape the legs and even the glutes in the process.

High Knees: You can’t have good lower body workouts without a bit of cardio. This isn’t just a jog but rather a great way of lifting the legs up high in front of you as you run in place. Try to add time to this as you move forward and you will feel these working when you are burning right after the movement. You can hold weights for extra resistance but this is a great cardio interval to introduce which will help to shape the lower half in a way you never imagined.

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