Dramatically Improve Your Health by Committing to One Habit Change Today

By | May 14, 2018

Improve Your Health With One ChangeDid you know that you don’t have to go through drastic changes in order to improve your health? Instead, you can just commit to changing one habit today. This might mean focusing your efforts on eliminating an unhealthy habit, or it might mean incorporating a new healthy habit into your daily life. Either way, these small changes will add up, especially if you make it a point to change just a single habit and stick to it.

Here are a couple of single habit changes that you can make starting today in order to improve your health. Which one will you dive into first?

Get More Active at Lunch to Improve Your Health

One of the top ways to improve your health is by getting more active during your lunch break, especially if you work at a job that keeps you sedentary for the majority of the day. As an example, you could go for a quick, brisk walk for about 10 minutes during a half-hour lunch break after you eat. Not only will you burn calories and get some much-needed exercise in for the day, but you might even find that you also feel more energized once you’re back at your desk.

Meditate for Just 5 Minutes to Improve Your Health

You’ve probably already heard and read a lot about the many benefits of a consistent meditative practice, but if you’re like a lot of people, you might be working under the assumption that you don’t have time for it. Fortunately, just spending 5 minutes a day in a state of mindfulness meditation could make a positive difference in your life. Perhaps you could meditate during a break at work, or after you get home from work in an effort to start unwinding for the evening ahead. Or, you might choose to meditate first thing in the morning or right before bed.

A Few Tips on Changing Habits to Improve Your Health

In addition to considering the healthy habits above, keep the following tips in mind as you work on changing your lifestyle for the better:

• Focus on making one change at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Move on to adding another habit once you’ve established that the first one is a part of your daily life.

• Give yourself little rewards for achieving your goals.

• Set milestones that you can attain along the way to achieving your bigger overall goal. For example, if you want to revamp your entire diet, you might eliminate one junk food per week, or you might add in a healthy meal per day until your whole diet is one that any good nutritionist would be proud of.

There you have it: you don’t need to go overboard when it comes to slowly transitioning to a healthier way of life. Hopefully, the tips above will motivate you to commit to one habit change today. Once you get used to implementing one healthy habit at a time, you will realize that they all come together beautifully to give you the life that you want for the wellbeing of your mind and your body.

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