How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Look Younger

By | March 16, 2016

Get Rid of Dark Circles fastWhen you have dark circles under your eyes, you will not look your best. We all know dark circles don’t pose any threat to our health. However, not only do they look unpleasant, you want to get rid of them. Dark circles can be caused by a number of reasons and there are several homemade remedies to fix them. Let’s see some of the ways in which you can easily get rid of dark circles:

Use a Cold Tea Compress
A cold tea compress can be used with rosemary teabags for increasing circulation to the eyes. When you soak the teabags in ice cold water with any excess water being squeezed out, they are an excellent remedy to cure dark circles. Teabags have tannin that helps reduce swelling and discoloration in the region under the eyes. Simply place the bags for 15 minutes and enjoy a soothing effect with reduced dark circles.

Choose Moisturizers Containing Vitamin C
All moisturizers that contain Antioxidants and Vitamin C help sustain the collagen beneath the eyes. So, the next time you go out to shop for moisturizers, choose the one that is delicate on your skin, especially the area under your eyes, and contains vitamin C.

Cool It with Cucumbers
You can also use cucumber slices for this purpose. Simply cut a fresh cucumber and place it in the freezer for an hour. Place these chilled slices over your closed eyelids and get rid of dark circles in a few weeks

Sprinkle Rose Water

Take a cotton ball and dip it in rose water. You can also sprinkle some rose water under your eyes. Place the cotton balls on your eyes for 10 minutes. Rose water penetrates deep into the skin and soothes your eyes by absorbing all the toxins responsible for causing dark circles.

Try Acupressure
Acupressure is a natural Chinese remedy and people have been using it for anti-aging techniques. It is also popular for reducing dark circles. By using the index finger, firmly press against the bone under the eyes and maintain the pressure for almost 3 seconds. Repeat this 10 times every morning for reducing dark circles.

Maintain a Healthy Fluid Intake
Dark circles can be caused by poor hydration. It is recommended that for detox, you should drink more water. Eventually, the dark circles will go away.

Get Sufficient Sleep
When you do not sleep enough, it leads to stress which causes dark circles. Irregular sleep patterns cause the skin to look pale due to a lack of circulation. A minimum of six hours of sleep is recommended for everyone.

Follow the tips provided here and you will be able to get rid of dark circles in no time.

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