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Watch Out for These 5 Dangerous Chemicals in Makeup

Makeup may help you feel more confident by covering imperfections, but what you are putting on your skin is being absorbed into your bloodstream, so you should be aware of the ingredients in the makeup products that you use before you apply them to your face and lips. Five dangerous chemicals in makeup are listed… Read More »

Is an Anti-Aging Drug Possible?

If we’re really being honest, nobody looks forward to getting older. Though there are many benefits to age such as wisdom and life experiences, there are also a lot of drawbacks that many may experience too. For so many of us there is a natural assumption that as you get older your health naturally declines… Read More »

Fruit Fly Gene May Delay Aging

The medical field has made significant advancement in increasing the lifespan of people. Even though most of these methods provide excellent results, there is a limit to the extent to which they can increase the lifespan. However, the increase in longevity that these methods and medicines deliver is considerable. With greater frequency, people have now… Read More »